Book Review | My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

My Name is Memory (2010)
Written by Ann Brashares

Daniel is a boy who has fallen in love with a girl. He caught sight of her at Tyson’s Corner Mall in Virginia and couldn’t help but think about her all of the time. It took him two years to muster the courage to talk to her at the end of junior high in high school.

Did I mention that Daniel has fallen in love with the same girl for the past 5,000 years throughout his past lives?

There are very few human beings who can recall their existence on Earth and Daniel is one of them. He remembers everything from his hunger as an impoverished infant in Africa (6th century) to the pains of his battle wounds in England (WWI). He remembers his family members, recognizing their souls despite the different bodies they may inhabit.

And of course, he remembers her: Sophia. (Her name in this life is Lucy)

The reader learns of the heartbreak Daniel has endured over the course of thousands of years and follows Lucy as she tries to solve the mystery around Daniel, as well as her past lives. Brashares introduces a new type of romance similar to Sparks or Meyer that wraps hearts in loving warmth.

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