Voir Un Film: The Other Guys

The Other Guys (2010)
Directed by Adam McKay

There are always the heroes: Agent K, James Bond, Han Solo, and my personal favorite, John McClane. They follow through the most off the wall schemes, break through social barriers and leave ruins from random explosives all over major cities. They get the recognition, the women, and the fulfillment of doing an honest day’s work.

Then there are the other guys. The ones who are victims of bureaucracy, their chairs pushing them uncomfortably into tiny desks, their faces nearly pressed against the computer monitor.

Detective Terry Hoitz can’t stand watching the two big shot cops of the police station. Terry feels he is just as qualified to be out there saving the streets of New York…too bad his career went down the drain after he shot Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium. Terry’s partner, Allen Gamble, is perfectly content filing scaffolding permits behind his desk and leading a plain life.

When Terry and Allen pursue a high profile financial investor to arrest him for violating the terms of his scaffolding permit (or something like that), our “other guys” dig themselves into a scandal that seems nearly out of their league. Just maybe Terry can redeem himself after the worst career faux pas and maybe Allen will learn to live it up again.

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