Fashion Documentaries … On Netflix?!

When I think of Netflix, I think of the service having television shows and movies that are too old to be called recent and too recent to be called old. In other words, I deemed Netflix as a waste of time, because I already saw those movies on HBO or Cinemax. As for television shows, I do not care for most of them, let alone have the time to sit down and watch them at university. 
It was not until the past few days that I really sat down and explored Netflix’s potential. I already knew Netflix had The September Issue, the documentary of publishing Vogue’s famous style bible, hundreds of pages dictating the latest trends and styles for the year. That was released in 2006.
Finding Bill Cunningham New York, released September 2010, surprised me.
I lost my mind when I saw how many cool fashion-related movies and shows were on Netflix. When did this happen? #MindBlown
For the past few days, I have sat in front of the television watching documentaries and a wonderful new television show.  Below, I compiled a list of  what I have watched and also put on the “Instant Queue.” I plan on trying to do a full on review for each component, but a brief summary will suffice for now.
2. Valentino: The Last Emperor– The last couturier of the century and the father of haute couture in Italy, Valentino Garavani is passionate, genius, and intense. The film follows Garavani and his business partner Giancarlo Giammetti while planning Valentino’s 45th anniversary in fashion and dealing with corporate outsiders buying out Valentino, s.p.A.

Source: via Rhonda on Pinterest

3. L’Amour Fou– The French film tells the story of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge and how they grew to create the beauty of the YSL brand. 
4. Starz Inside: Fashion in Film– Starz created an informative bit about the influence of fashion and film and Hollywood has shaped our culture. Featuring a few actresses and costume designers who understand the relationship between fashion and film include Malin Akerman of 27 Dresses (2008); Amanda Bynes of She’s The Man (2006); Sharen Davis, costume designer for The Pursuit of Happyness (2006); and Patricia Field, costume designer for Sex and the City (2008).
5. All On the Line with Joe Zee– Zee, creative director for Elle magazine, helps designers hit it big by guiding them to improve their business. If you love the business side of fashion, you will definitely want to watch this show.
Source: via Juliet on Pinterest

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