Oxford, Day 15: Lazy Sunday and Living in Logan House

My one goal for the day was to read Jane Austen’s Persuasion for Literature of Oxford. The original plan was to read at Starbucks on High Street in the city centre, but after mailing a postcard to a friend, I picked up tea and a chocolate croissant and read on Martyr’s Memorial. I could only sit still for so long as the pigeons inched closer to my chocolate croissant, so I ended up going back to the dorm and read there.    
I took a few pictures of my dorm so you can check out how it is living abroad. I like the layout of the room a lot–there is a kitchen, bathroom, and ample space for my roommate and I to be comfortable. 
For dinner, I mixed leftovers of Spicy Chicken Chow Mien with plain fusili pasta and cooked it on the stove. It is not something I would do regularly, but for the sake of trying to balance my food budget, it worked out pretty well. 

Sitting by Martyr’s Memorial

Chilling with Jane Austen, tea, and a chocolate croissant

Pigeons getting too close for comfort

Mini-foyer of the dorm room, bathroom door on the left 
Bathroom-there is a linen closet on the left side where I put my toiletries and laundry 
Roommate’s side w/ a closet on the left wall

My side of the room

Desk–the kitchen door is to the right 

Bulletin board collage made up of magazine pages, pictures, pamphlets, and cards

Kitchen with a mini fridge, stove top, and oven on the right wall

Mix of Chinese food leftovers and fusili

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