Oxford, Day 26: Last Day of Classes

This trip has flown by so fast–today was the last day of classes. I had coffee with one friend who was going to Ireland for the weekend before class and indulged in a Starbucks on High Street. 
In Shakespeare, we watched a movie interpretation of Twelfth Night (1996) which featured a star-studded cast:
Helena Bonham Carter (Olivia)- Harry Potter series as Bellatrix Lestrange, Alice in Wonderland
Steven Mackintosh (Sebastian)- Underworld
Sir Ben Kingsley (Feste)- The Wackness, Shutter Island, Hugo
Imelda Staunton (Maria)- Harry Potter series as Dolores Umbridge
During Literature of Shakespeare, we walked to the University Parks, the Bodleian Library, the King’s Arms, and Keble College Chapel. The bittersweet thing was that the trip came to full circle by revisiting the same places we went the same day we came to Oxford. 
Then, the university held a farewell dinner for the students. 
I am not ready to say goodbye just yet. 
Tall White Caffe Mocha and Water

More punting

Looks like a tree behind the library back in Newport–a sure reminder of heading back  to the States 
Return to the Bodleian Library 

Front of the Bodleian Library

The class stopped in the King’s Arms for a bit to wait out the rain–our professor was kind enough to buy us popcorn  as an afternoon snack.

The same room we stayed in today and our first day we came to Oxford

Revisiting Keble College

Carnations are part of the students’ graduation/exam outfit, sub fusque
Adorable bike by Blackwells bookshop

Moo-Moo’s Milkshakes in the Covered Market Place

The class went here the other day, but since I  did not have cash on me then, finally got one today–a small KitKat and Nutella milkshake. Perfection,
Table setting at the university’s farewell dinner
Pineapple, Avocado, and Arugala Salad  served with balsamic vinagrette
Turkey Paupiette stuffed with sage and onion, wrapped in streaky bacon served with  jersey royal potatoes, courgettes Provencal and Chantenay carrots
Trio of desserts: summer pudding with cream. lemon tarte, and chocolate mousse shot

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