Coping post-Oxford in Rhode Island

After two days, I think I have come to terms after leaving Oxford…

Okay, that may or may not be a white lie, but I am getting there.
Spending time in Rhode Island, especially Newport, makes it an easier transition back to reality. I stopped through Newport yesterday to go to the Apothecary Newport, then walked to the Brick Market Place and got fro-yo from Beluga. 
Today, my mom and I went to Jane Pickens to see Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom then went to Jack Wills and picked up a new iPhone case.

The film is a story about a young boy and girl who run off to have an adventure, and the adults who chase after them.  Sam, a boy scout, and Suzy, a feisty bookworm, are misunderstood “problem children.” They find comfort in each other in their oddness other people–namely parents and peers–do not comprehend. It is ultimately a story about love, but the fact Moonrise Kingdom revolves around childhood crushes gives the film more depth. The audience follows Sam and Suzy on their journey of love, self-discovery, and above all, understanding.   
Check watch it at your local indie/alternative theatre to you. 

It turns out Moonrise Kingdom was filmed in Rhode Island–Jane Pickens hosted the premiere showing last Thursday. Honestly, I did not recognize any setting in the film. I am just shocked I had no idea that Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, and Jason Schwartzman were in town probably for several months shooting. 
In the evening, the family went out to dinner at Twin Willows. I ordered fish and chips, but alas, without Pimms. The real highlight of the night was when the check was all set, my dad’s card fell through the wooden slats of outdoor patio…#whoops.
Everything was fine–our waitress, along with several other waitresses, were able to recover it.
There could not have been a better end to the night making a trip to Brickley’s for homemade cake batter ice cream in a waffle bowl. 

There was a tableau set up in the theatre lobby based on the movie

Jubilee flags in Jack Wills
New iPhone case– a piece of England in my purse all day
Fish and Chips, American style

Since I have been blogging for a month straight, I figured I may as well keep going with it. You try taking pictures of everything and writing about those pictures every day for a month and then suddenly stop that routine. 

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