Narragansett: Hurricane Sandy

My family and I have been without power for the past 21 hours–hopefully it’ll come back soon.

Around 3:00 pm, the lights went out. The wind was howling, the trees bent every which way, the rain pounded on the window skylights. It was crazy.

We lit candles and brought out the crank-powered emergency radio and flashlights.

The winds died down around 8:00 pm.

This morning, my dad ran to Dunkin Donuts and got breakfast. Soon after, we all took a drive around town.

Narrow River was flooded and Route 1A by Narragansett Town Beach was closed by the police. They were in the process of clearing debris by the post office and the Towers.

Other damage includes a fallen huge pine at the 138 park & ride and floods at homes around Middlebridge.

As you can guess, every fast food place is crowded. When we drove into Wakefield, McDonald’s, Burger King, Panera, Dunkin Donuts all had lines out the door and onto the street. Starbucks wasn’t open because it still had no power.

Hopefully the power will come back soon and everyone is safe and sound. Please think of the people in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut who suffered the most damage.

Reading by candlelight
Massive line for McDonald’s
Flooded street by Narrow River
Debris around the post office by the beach

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