Newport/Narragansett: Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday Haul

My family and I had a great Thanksgiving–all I have to say is that our fridge is filled with leftovers and pies. My cousin and her son joined us for dinner, and we were happy to have them.

We saw Lincoln (2012) in the evening. It was a good film, but it would have been nice to watch it at home to pause, then search the names of the political figures mentioned with the phone or laptop, since not everyone knows the historical importance of Senator WhatsHisFace from that state or the other senators…

Source: via Mia on Pinterest
Daniel Day-Lewis animated President Lincoln well, as Sally Field performed First Lady Molly Lincoln well. It goes without saying that Tommy Lee Jones, who played Senator Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania, a radical Republican (again, that’s just one instance where having my laptop open would have been convenient).

Thursday’s Outfit
Surprisingly, we did not participate in Black Friday. Instead, we visited family and relaxed at home. I was still dying to indulge my shopping fix, so I convinced my parents to spend today, Small Business Saturday, in Newport.
We had breakfast at The Hungry Monkey and then walked up and down Brick Market Place. My eldest brother bought jeans at Express, my mom bought texting gloves at Helly Hansen, my dad bought slippers at Rockport, and my second eldest brother and I bought clothes at Jack Wills. We didn’t spend as much time, or visit as many stores as I would have liked, but we still had fun and scored some nice deals.
The Haul
I didn’t go crazy yet since I am still going to the Jack Wills Christmas Party this Friday, but here is what I am getting for Christmas from Santa:
Source: via Mia on Pinterest
Source: via Mia on Pinterest
My eldest brother wanted luggage for Christmas, so we drove the Samsonite factory in Warren. I knew of an internship available in Warren with Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine–it turns out it shares the same building as the Samsonite factory. After successfully picking out a black “compressive” rolling duffle, we went home, watched a Downton Abbey marathon on PBS and decorated the tree. 
Saturday’s Outfit

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