New Year’s Style Resolutions

Every year, I try to build on my personal style and get a better understanding of what I like might look good, or what I have yet to try. Flipping through my Pinterest boards and Chictopia has given me ideas on what to wear for 2013 and made me realize that I have to focus more on subtle details, shoes, and jewelry. In the spirit of being a more eco-conscious shopper, I still want to stick with designer consignment and local boutiques as much as possible.

2013 Style Inspiration: Cool. Polished. Glam.

Source: via Mia on Pinterest
I really want to master the effortless polished casual style, as seen in Cara J‘s look on Chictopia. The outfit itself is classic, but the fit of the blazer, the color of the pants, and the style of the shoes make this cool.  I would add is a few different bracelets for accessories.

Source: via Mia on Pinterest
The bright messenger satchel worn by Generique, another Chictopian, has been a hot trend the latter half of 2012 that I think will carry over in the new year. Again, the understated cool pops in without trying too hard.
Source: via Mia on Pinterest
Black will always dominate my wardrobe, but I need to find pieces that better balance soft with edge. This New Year’s outfit by DentelleFleurs of Chictopia is still edgy, but the subtle HiLo cut of the top and the more intricate detail make it light.

Source: via Mia on Pinterest
One of the ways to wear black without being dressed in it head-to-toe is finding good graphic prints. Kryz Uy achieves the soft-edged look in a graphic print and the HiLo hem.
When Jessica Alba stepped out in this nude and white outfit, I absolutely fell in love. There are tones of white with neutral-colored accessories that are of a unique design. The long-brimmed fedora hat and pointed toe wedges add interest to the outfit. 
But seriously, I am in desperate need of a gold rush of bracelets and rings…
Source: via Meg on Pinterest
And I don’t remember the last time I got my hair cut, but I want to experiment more with my new curling iron.

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