Newport/Boston: Fashion Photography and French Food

I left for Boston Friday afternoon and came back today, Sunday afternoon. My boyfriend Ryan and I had a great visit going to the MFA and La Voile on Newbury Street, and I was also able to see my friend Stephen off before he jet-setted to Rome for the semester.

I stopped by Beacon Hill Chocolates on my way to Stephen’s and picked up macarons, perfect for a farewell cup of tea. Ciao, Stephen!
Source: via Mia on Pinterest
Since Ryan and I stayed in Friday night, we watched one of the DVDs I checked out from the library last week, Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
Friday’s Outfit: Dress, Jack Wills; Sweater, Simply Vera by Vera Wang; Boots, Forever 21
We woke up freakishly early Saturday morning (8:00 am?!) and took advantage. We went to the MFA to see fashion and lifestyle photographer Mario Testino’s exhibits In Your Face and British Royal Portraits. After seeing the exhibits, I never realized the vast presence of  Testino’s work–so many of those photographs I had seen before, whether it be a Gucci ad or the portrait of the late Princess Diana.  Since the exhibit is only up for less than two more weeks, I am happy we were able to catch it. 
Source: via Mia on Pinterest
Saturday’s Outfit: Sweater Jacket, H&M; Tank Top, Greylin; Jeans, Express; Boots, Forever 21
After the MFA, we made our way to La Voile on Newbury Street. We had tried going there New Year’s Day, but they opened at a later time in the afternoon that was too close to my train back home. It was well worth the wait for the french bread alone. Since my dreams of Paris have occupied by mind for months, La Voile is the perfect place to indulge my francophile fantasies in the States. I ordered a tomato mozzarella panini with salad and Ryan ordered snapper, one of the specials of the day. We split the cream puffs and a cappucino for dessert.
The rest of the afternoon was spent walking along Newbury and hanging out back at the apartment before heading off to the Northeastern hockey game against Boston College. Unfortunately, Northeastern lost, but we still had a good time–we picked up chocolate chip cookie dough to bake and made hot chocolates afterwards.
For the last few hours of my visit, we enjoyed croissants with Nutella for breakfast. Ryan dropped me off at Back Bay and back to Rhode Island…
Usually I don’t enjoy coming home after the close of a weekend in Boston, but I had something special to look forward to: Isabella is home! 
My family decided to get a Yorkshire Terrier teacup puppy. Isabella is certainly no replacement for our beloved Theodora, but we are happy to welcome a new addition to our family. Bella is adjusting really well since coming in from Florida last night, a very good sign. 
From top left: Spike, Pru, Bella, and T

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