RIP Walter

Walter Aubin

May 2, 1993 – January 27, 2013

In a world where texting is the main mode of communicating, I was surprised when my friend Sam sent me a text saying that something horrible happened and it was better she tell me in person. I had no idea what the news could have been, so I sat puzzled for a moment.
It didn’t take long to receive a text with the news about Walter from another friend minutes after.
Walter and I met at university during his fall semester freshman year on Halloween. We lost touch for a while when he transferred to the University of Rhode Island, but he visited Newport often to see other friends, and that’s how we reconnected. The best memory I have of him is when he carried me up the spiral staircase in my dorm room when I couldn’t quite do it myself…
That was the last time I saw him, last April.
I can’t say that Walter and I were super close, many people are much closer to him than I am, but I can say that there was a small period of time when we did spend together. He was funny, kind, and, to be honest, very handsome. Yet, there were moments he was also pensive. Among all of his charms, his intelligence cannot be overlooked. 
It is my greatest hope that he is at peace now. God Bless.
**Correction: Last time I saw him was his birthday with friends at Salve. I got him some Water Brothers gear leftover from a SRU Surf Club meeting and we all signed a birthday card for him. It’s a good memory.

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