Newport/Narragansett/Wickford: Waking Up Blonde

This week can’t be over soon enough–it’s been busy and slightly exhausting.
I went to internship on Tuesday and it was the first time Leslie, my manager, and Holly, another intern, had seen my blonde hair. They liked it.
We’re promoting our sale items (50% off!) at Gossip, hopefully there will be more markdowns soon!

I’m still getting used to having such a dramatically different look. I absolutely love it, but it’s just hard for it to sink in. I curled my hair yesterday, the first time since going blonde, and it looks cute. It’s hard to believe two weeks ago I had long, dark hair that went down to my waist…

JF3, the salon where I got my hair done, is offering a 40% discount on facials until March 31st. My bank account is still in recovery from going blonde (#brokecollegegirlproblems) but the Hydro Boost Seaweed Facial, a 30 minute express facial, looks really tempting at only $27 (originally $48). The Repechage Four Layer Facial with Deep Pore Cleansing is on the pricier side for my budget, but it’s still a really good deal at $72 (originally $120).
To check out the rest of JF3’s facials, click here!

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