Fourth of July Weekend

Every Fourth of July, my family and I usually do the beach-and-BBQ routine at home, but this year, I spent the holiday in Manchester and Boston with Stephen and his mother, Gail. It was a welcome reprieve–the last break I had allowed myself was Boston Calling during Memorial Day weekend.
On the Fourth, we spent most of the day at the beach, then went to a party hosted by Stephen and Gail’s family friends. When we returned to Boston, we even caught the fireworks from the Esplanade.
It’s a rare occasion that I dress very preppy. I would have kept wearing the shirt all day if it wasn’t for the fact it was sweltering outside…
Nothing says summer like seafood…
Or a warm ocean breeze…

The following day, Stephen and I walked along Newbury Street and ate lunch at La Voile. We stayed cool window-shopping in well air-conditioned stores (Ralph Lauren had the best AC by far) and drinking plenty of Starbucks. We also watched a documentary of Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour before I had to catch my train back to Rhode Island…It was intriguing, to say the least. 

Les crevettes et les choux at La Voile
I worked the rest of the weekend at Laura Jean Denim Shop and managed social media content for some clients, but it was fine–the trip to Manchester and Boston made the Fourth of July weekend worthwhile. 
New arrivals at KC Shoes at the Pier
Vegan Leather Dress by Sanctuary, available at  Laura Jean Denim Shop
Accessories by Frye, available at Laura Jean Denim Shop
Dress, necklace, and sandals from Crosswynds Traders
Hall of Fame Tennis Championships start tomorrow–it’s going to be crazy busy in Newport…

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