Drink Del’s and Keep Shopping

The humidity in Rhode Island is a plague–it is actually repulsive and lethal…
For people with curly hair.
The two times I managed to go to the beach with the family, we had gone late afternoon, so it wasn’t unbearable by 3:00 pm. Drinking Del’s and Trenta-sized Starbucks doesn’t hurt either. 
There are some great new arrivals at work–Crosswynds Traders, KC Shoes and Laura Jean Denim Shop–definitely worth checking out and trying on.
Nothing beats a Del’s on the beach in the summer
This a Trenta Green Tea Iced Tea Lemonade. Trenta is the next size after Venti. And yes, such a thing does exist, it’s not a myth.

Food Truck Wednesday at Narragansett Beach–the white pizza was the best I’ve ever had
New JoJo Loves You earrings at KC Shoes
I cracked at KC Shoes… I had to get this bag. It was the last one there.
Laura Jean Denim Shop got this new Sky top in with a turquoise halter (left) and it would look great with the Joe’s Jeans white shorts.
Skinny silk coated pants by Paige and an edgy floral top by Sanctuary, both available at Laura Jean Denim Shop

Crosswynds Traders got these shoes in last week, I’m really tempted to get the black and canvas pair.
Studded sweatshirts at Crosswynds Traders… Coolest loungewear ever, perfect for the dorm.
Crop tops at Crosswynds Traders, just what about every girl needs in this humidity
An excerpt from Alice in Wonderland on the back of the teapot: “There was a table out under a tree, and the March Hare and the Hatter were having tea; a Dormouse sat between them, fast asleep. The table was large, but they were all crowded together at one corner. ‘No room!’ they cried out when they saw Alice coming. ‘There’s plenty of room!’ she said indignantly, and she sat down at the table.”

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