The Great Gatsby at Jane Pickens

If you’re a fan of The Great Gatsby, the Jane Pickens Theater has a “Great Gatsby Experience” package deal  in August:. For $20, you can have a watch a screening of The Great Gatsby (1974) and tour Rosecliff, the Bellevue mansion where the movie was filmed.
I went to the first screening yesterday–watching the original Great Gatsby in an old-fashioned theater, located in the same area where the film was shot, created a special experience. It was interesting to see the original film version after Baz Luhrman’s more recent adaptation of The Great Gatsby (2013). I would recommend anyone to see both films to decide which one they think is best.
I didn’t have time to go to Rosecliff on the same day, but you can do the mansion tour at your leisure during the week. 
If you would like to partake the Jane Pickens Theater “Great Gatsby Experience,” there are tickets available for a movie screening on Sunday, August 18th.
Walking to Starbucks, a cat on Church Street

Flowers on Spring Street
One of the monuments on the renovated Queen Anne Square

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