Styleweek August 2013

Since I became aware of Styleweek Northeast two years ago, I have never gone to a Styleweek show in Providence until last Friday. In the past, I volunteered at Au Courant in Newport, Styleweek’s benefit for Child and Family, but never had the time to run “all the way” to Providence juggling school or work.

I reported the finale of Styleweek for Andrea of Newport Stylephile by taking a bunch of photos on my digital camera, as well as rapid fire social media legwork on Twitter and Instagram. Until everything’s posted on Newport Stylephile, I don’t want to give too much away, so here’s a few pictures from the accessory showcase:

I loved these fragrances by Roberta Andrade! Based in Boston, her fragrances are the perfect touch to any outfit. The two fragrances I fell in love with were “Water” and “No. 13”

You can also check out this Storify I created for Styleweek!

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