Crazy Burger, Katalyst Kombucha, and Caffe Aromi

I know I always say that every semester is crazy busy, but it has been so insanely busy this semester I can barely keep my head straight. I’m suffering from senioritis burnout…
On another note, last weekend was worth taking the time away from the books and having fun around town. It’s been nice to go out with friends at the bars instead of sitting on the sidelines–and by the “sidelines,” I mean sitting in my dorm room, procrastinating on various social media or sleeping.
I brought a few friends to Crazy Burger on Saturday for lunch. I got the amazing Birdie Mae burger, here’s the description on the menu:

Grilled tempeh, purple sticky rice, sweet potato, roasted sunflower seeds, and rosemary-pumpkin pesto combine to create a wonderful taste and texture. We grill this burger into a tomato tortilla.

Unfortunately, I have been slacking in the pictures department lately, so I didn’t snap a shot of the burger before its disappearing act…
Ryan came to visit on Saturday night to play as my partner for a kombucha pong tournament fundraiser which benefited the Aquidneck Land Trust and the Women’s Resource Center of Newport. The tournament was hosted at one of my favorite Newport boutiques, Green Envy Eco Boutique, and it was sponsored by several local businesses: Brick Alley Pub, Empire Tea & Coffee, Potter & Co., Farmaesthetics, and the Green Grocer.
Katalyst Kombucha was used for the tournament. Unlike Synergy, which is what I typically drink since the summer, Katalyst Kombucha is a local New England business based in Greenfield, MA. 

Even though the fundraiser was centered on kombucha, there were also organic refreshments. The Great White wine by Newport Vineyards was spectacular, I definitely plan on getting a case before the holidays.

All of the participants drank a remarkable amount of kombucha

Even though Ryan and I didn’t win first prize–we actually placed fifth–but we also got two additional prizes! We won a $20 gift card to Potter & Co., a $20 gift card to Empire Tea & Coffee, and $25 gift certificate to Green Envy 

After we left the tournament, Ryan and I headed off to Boston. I went back to Newport Sunday afternoon after breakfast at Caffe Aromi in Jamaica Plain.

Cafe au Lait and Habanero Cheddar and Tomato Quiche at Caffe Aromi

Spotted in Kennedy Plaza

Ryan brought roses on Saturday 🙂 I pruned them and changed the water before I left today. Whether or not they’ll last when I get back on Monday is iffy, but at least I have a picture.

Now that it’s Thanksgiving break, I’m hoping to relax and catch up with friends, but I desperately need to catch up on essays and final assignments…

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