Paris, Day 12, Part I: Musée l’Odéon and Pavillon de l’Arsenal

You’ll notice that Day 12 will be divided into two blog posts.

After visiting Musée de l’Odéon and Pavillon de l’Arsenal in class, we spent the rest of the afternoon at Versailles, so you can only imagine that Versailles deserves a separate post…

Musée l’Odéon is one of the few monuments Louis XVI left behind before the French Revolution. In comparison to his ancestor, Louis XIV (aka the Sun King), Louis XVI preferred a more modest architectural style.

Musée de l’Odéon

We took the bus to see Pavillon de l”Arsenal and see a large Paris architectural exhibit. We’ve been studying a lot of Parisian architecture from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, so it was cool to see contemporary and modern examples of Parisian architecture.

Pavillon de l’Arsenal

A few of us grabbed lunch at an Italian restaurant before leaving for Versailles. As much as I enjoy the bread and cheese in France, I miss having a good pasta dish every now and then.

Now onto Versailles…

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