Paris, Day 22: Latin Quarter and Bateau Mouche Tour

For the second to last day of class, each one of us had to write a paper and give a presentation on a historical place. There were three monuments that were presented in class–Monica chose Mont. St. Michel; Misael chose Chateau de Chantilly; Sara chose Versailles–but the rest of us presented at our sites located within the Latin Quarter.

We started with Kelly’s presentation at La Sorbonne, then moved onto St. Étienne-du-Mont with Linda, the Panthéon and St. Sulpice with Jackie.

Montagne’s statue in front of La Sorbonne. If you look at his right foot, you’ll notice it’s quite worn–students touch his foot for good luck before exams.

La Sorbonne
We walked through Les Jardins des Tuileries and Le Palais du Luxembourg on the way to the other monuments to see La Fontaine de Medicis. It’s strange that this was one of the first places we went and we revisited it the last day of class…
St. Étienne-du-Mont
Fun fact: This door was featured in Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris

Le Panthéon. The dome is currently undergoing a restoration process. Because of the lack of air circulation and the level of humidity inside, the dome and ceiling are starting to fall apart…
St. Sulpice

If you’ve seen The Da Vinci Code, chances are you’ve seen this copper line. On every summer solstice, the sun hits this line and it reflects light in the church.

We had our last excursion provided by AIFS in the afternoon: a boat tour on the Seine. We had already walked past all of the sites over the past three weeks, but seeing everything from the river gave a new perspective.

Pont Alexandre III

Place de la Concorde

Musée d’Orsay

Le Louvre

Academie Française and Pont des Arts

Le Louvre and Pont des Arts

Pont Neuf

The grotesque faces are rumoured to be Henri IV’s friends

Notre Dame

Hotel de Ville

I hope you know what this is by now.

Bir Hakeim bridge (aka the bridge in Inception where Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page are experimenting with the architecture of a dream)

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