Valentine’s Day and Chocolate Delicacy

Valentine’s Day didn’t really start for me until yesterday evening–I went to my internship during the day, then went to a quick meeting at Main Street Coffee before heading to Newport.
Bella was my main squeeze for Valentine’s Day
I meant to pick up chocolate covered strawberries at the Newport Sweet Shoppe, but the timing was going to cut it close coming from East Greenwich. As I was walking to my car, I noticed Chocolate Delicacy across the street–I bought a pound of chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate pops for a few friends.
It smelled like chocolate covered strawberries when you walked in the door…

and they tasted as perfect as they looked and smelled.
Ryan stopped through Newport, so we ate at Sardella’s for dinner and hung out at my friend Steph’s apartment with a few other friends. She went all out with the decorations, from the candles and the streamers, to the balloons and the roses… 

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