Blue Lemon

When Julia, Cara and I were having our girls’ weekend, we went to Blue Lemon in Westport for lunch. Our waitress was incredibly helpful answering our questions and giving suggestions. Julia ordered a strawberry salad served on top of warm cornbread with chicken; Cara ordered yellowfin tuna; and I ordered steamed mussels.
As much as I love being in Newport, I miss being around my friends from Connecticut and doing fun things like grabbing lunch in Westport or running into New York City on a whim. Being able to spend time with people you love should be a priority, because will always be enough work to keep you busy and find excuses to not see them. Make the time and make it count.
“This is so weird, let me take a picture of it and put it on my blog”- Julia describing how I choose things to photograph for a blog post

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