TwoTen Oyster Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for fresh seafood and a cool atmosphere, TwoTen Oyster Bar & Grill is the placeí to go. Enjoy gorgeous waterfront views of the marina, while being tucked away from the normal beach traffic–an ideal situation for locals.
There are many hip, organic restaurants that boast having a “farm to table” philosophy. Similar to Scales & Shells in Newport, TwoTen is practices the “ocean to table” philosophy. With that in mind, my parents and I ordered seafood.
Baked Scallops–the best scallops I have ever had
Baked cod
Baked stuff shrimp
The plates may look small, but the portion size was perfect. A lot of seafood places serve a huge portion impossible for one person to eat and leave no room for dessert.
There isn’t a table at TwoTen that doesn’t have a great table–my parents and I sat inside, but this table would be perfect for a date night. I hope to come back soon!

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