Falling In Love with Arbonne

Earlier this month, I became an independent consultant with Arbonne, a 34-year old health and wellness company dedicated to bringing customers the best products in cosmetics, skincare and weightloss.

I have always been skeptical of direct marketing “schemes,” but Arbonne is set up in such a way that its not just about selling botanically-based, vegan products –Arbonne is about developing yourself and your life in order to do the same for others.
In addition to sharing my thoughts about fashion, lifestyle and travel on my blog, I will also be sharing my Arbonne journey. This week, I will start by going over some products that are currently in my “Arbonne Arsenal.” 
I am in no way being sponsored or paid by Arbonne. For what it’s worth, I only write about things that I have a personal connection and passion for.

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A Francophile based in coastal New England

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