How to Build Your Focus

“Desire. Dream. Vision.”

I have now been an Arbonne consultant for nearly two months and my business is still coming along.

Besides spreading the word about healthier choices for health and wellness, Arbonne is also about developing your best self. One of the things that makes Arbonne so strong is the organization’s genuine dedication to cultivating their consultants and their customers to create a better life for individuals who want it. Consultants are always encouraged to attend conferences, hold local and/or regional meetings, and listen-in on conference calls.

At first, I thought the conference calls with my immediate up-line and local Arbonne consultants would only be about selling, selling, selling Arbonne. This couldn’t be further from the truth–the topics brought up during conference calls can apply to improving every aspect of your life, not just your business.

Arbonne Executive National Vice President Kristen Whitley hosted a national conference call tonight and discussed the importance of focus.

Here are a few talking points Kristen hit on that can help you take your focus and your dreams to the next level:

  • In order to stay focused, you need desire and discipline.
  • If you protect your focus, you fuel your discipline. If you fuel your discipline, you will fuel your desire to protect your focus.
  • Keep in mind the end result–everyone is afraid of failing, but breaking through the rejection and fear are important steps to reach success
  • Keep your focus positive at all times
  • Believe in yourself, because you are worth it
  • Be driven by passion and purpose
  • Incorporate gratitude into everything you do

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