Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Considering the last book I read was Paris by Edward Rutherfurd last summer, I’ve been in dire need of more time and a lighter read. My brother Dylan passed Yes Please onto me after he finished it–he told me it was funny and easy to read. Just what I was looking for.

The book did not disappoint. It was entertaining–I wouldn’t expect anything less from the former SNL actress and Parks & Recreation genius–but I was pleasantly surprised to be able to take a few things away from Yes Please
  1. Don’t do drugs (at least not the hard ones).
  2. Everyone wants “the pudding.” Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.
  3. It’s never too late to apologize.
  4. Being pregnant has its perks.
  5. …But once the baby is born, your life as you know it is over.
  6. Be whoever you are and own it.

Thanks for inspiring me to read again, Amy. You’re awesome.

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