The Duck & Bunny

I have wanted to go to The Duck & Bunny for a very long time and finally, after two years, I finally made it for brunch.

Since I’ve been living in Newport, I have started to slip into the habits of a typical Aquidneck Island-er–why leave the Island if you don’t have to? Among other reasons, this is why it’s taken two years for me to get over to Wickenden Street. 
Katherine, one of my friends from high school who goes to school in Providence, was my accomplice for this happy excursion. She ordered the Portuguese Sweet Bread French Toast with Maple Berry Compote and I ordered the “Eggs Bun-a-Duck” Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Rosemary Focaccia. 
Like how adorable is “Eggs Bun-a-Duck” as a nickname? It doesn’t get better than that…
Unless you happen to order one of the freshly baked cupcakes for dessert. I enjoyed a mocha cupcake with the pot of White Peony tea.
I didn’t get any pictures to show off The Duck and Bunny’s interior decor, but it’s beautiful inside. I felt pretty comfortable in the French-inspired atmosphere* and look forward to stopping by again soon… 
*It doesn’t hurt that the seat I was in resembles a throne–you can kind of see half of it on the right side of this picture

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2 thoughts on “The Duck & Bunny

  1. The Duck and Bunny is fabulous! The banas foster french toast they have is one of the best I've ever had and you're totally right about the decor – it's adorable. When my boyfriend and I went, we had so much fun trying to figure out the originals of the different duck/bunni-fied paintings on the walls!


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