Rhode Island’s Fashion Scene Shares 2015 Style Resolutions

One of my goals for 2015 is to highlight the fashion and style scene in Rhode Island.
For this post, I reached out to established fashion professionals who I have seen in Newport or currently follow on social media. I enjoyed speaking and corresponding with a group of such amazing people–it’s hard not to feel inspired by their stories and their visions:
Jess Ann Kirby
Fashion Blogger, Prosecco & Plaid

There are a lot of reasons to love Newport–the beaches, the shops, the people… However, if your personal style doesn’t fit the typical nautical-preppy image of Rhode Island’s City by the Sea, chances are you may look a bit out of place wearing high heels on Bellevue Avenue. Words cannot express how happy I was to stumble across Jess’s blog and see how she’s updating the style scene in Newport and New England.
What she’s looking forward to most in 2015:
Celebrating her first full year of full-time blogging, as well as upcoming travel plans and design collaborations. “Working for yourself is so different from the corporate, “9 to 5″ lifestyle, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”
Fashion Resolution for 2015:
Focus on key wardrobe staples. “People go back for the pieces they feel comfortable in.”
The Trends That Can Stay in 2014:
Wedge sneakers. 
“I’m over the crop top thing, but if it’s done well, great!”

Jill Marinelli
Personal Stylist, JM Stylist

Jill has been doing her work for a while–she’s also a style correspondent for The Rhode Show and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and Lucky. Despite the fact she’s always out and about in Providence, I think I found out about her on Twitter. If you want to learn how to be a master stylist, or simply learn how to clean up your style, you can enroll in Jill’s Personal Stylist Training Program.

What she’s looking forward to most in 2015:
Growing her business and doing more speaking engagements to reach new audiences.

Fashion Resolution for 2015:
Upgrade the underwear drawer!
*Blogger’s Note: Watch Jill’s appearance on The Rhode Show and listen to her full list of style resolutions for 2015!

The Trend That Can Stay in 2014:
Dolman sleeves. “They take away from the form of a woman’s waist,” an area that should be highlighted.

Rosanna Ortiz Sinel
Founder & CEO, StyleWeek Northeast

Rosanna is someone who I have wanted to speak with for a long time. I first learned about StyleWeek in 2012 when Au Courant, the fashion show benefit for Child & Family, was being held in Ochre Court. Rosanna’s vision for a fashion week in New England, with the epicenter based in Providence, is a reminder that exquisite style doesn’t just exist in New York City or Paris–it can be found right in your own backyard. 
What she’s looking forward to most in 2015:
Launching a fresh, new look for StyleWeek’s website and exploring more opportunities for StyleWeek in Boston
Fashion Resolutions for 2015:
“Dress a little bit more lady-like” by wearing more dresses and skirts.
Wear more pieces inspired by the late 70s, like jumpsuits à la Bianca Jagger
The Trend That Can Stay in 2014:
Flared jeans. “It’s nice to have a more tapered, straight leg paired with a long jacket.”

Melanie Patterson
Fashion Blogger, Radical Darling

I was chatting with Providence-based photography Brittanny Taylor last fall when she told me about Melanie’s blog. When Melanie and I spoke over the phone, she mentioned that she’s been featured in Glamour and Teen Vogue. No big deal, or anything…

What she’s looking forward to most in 2015:
Finding her dream job in Boston working with a boutique design firm.
*Blogger’s note: Melanie has recently landed a job as a creative recruiter in Boston!

Fashion Resolution for 2015: 
Dividing and conquering the clothes in her closet. “I own so much clothing–but I’ve never worn it all!”

The Trend That Can Stay in 2014: 
Satirized designer logos

Nick Pini
Fashion Designer, PINI

Photo Credit: Inside StyleWeek
I can pinpoint the exact moment when I fell in love with a PINI design. It was during the 2014 Au Courant StyleWeek-Child & Family benefit at Belle Mer. I was looking at this gorgeous creation of grey and silk on hanger that happened to take form of a cocktail dress. I specifically remember looking at the delicate rows of beading, imagining the level of attention it took for them to look so perfect, then looking at Nick, and repeatedly telling him, so articulately, “I. Can’t. Even.” 
What he’s looking forward to most in 2015:
Traveling to gather inspiration for his work and sharing his ideas with others. “I have had some amazing experiences come out of the chances I took that seemed the most risky. So I plan to do more of that.”
Fashion Resolution for 2015:
Avoid fast fashion stores and invest in pieces that will last.
The Trend That Can Stay in 2014:
“Clear plastic straps, just because!”

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