Nor’easter Essentials

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, there’s a huge blizzard hitting the Northeast. 

Like every other person in Newport, I did my due diligence and stocked up on my groceries last night and this morning.
While I was food shopping, I found it really interesting to see what other people were putting into their shopping carts and what they deemed as their “Snowmageddon” essentials. Deli meat. BBQ sauce. The last case of water. Ice cream.
… I desperately hope that the person who bought a hand-basket full of Pop Tarts had other non-perishables in their pantry …

Here are a few snapshots of what I need to get through the blizzard of 2015:

French baguette, brie, macarons, chocolate
I actually need these things all of the time.

Just in case the power runs out…
Island Wine & Spirits was doing a 2/$14 deal on Barefoot, so I bought the cabernet sauvignon and the merlot. 
This is another essential I love on a regular basis, but you can never have too many when the power goes out!
I went into TJ Maxx with the intention of only buying candles. Little did I know I would also end up getting various storage items to organize my room…
A few good reads
The best things about snow storms is that, if the power stays on, you can get a lot done. I’m behind on some reading for a class, so all I have to do the next few days is cozy up with a hot cider and the assigned reading in my fleece sheets…

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