Plum Point Bistro

Just like The Duck & Bunny, Plum Point Bistro is another restaurant I’ve wanted check out for a while:

Located on scenic 1A, just minutes from the Jamestown Bridge, Historic Casey Farm, and beautiful coastline of Southern Rhode Island.  

Plum Pt. Bistro combines an inviting 1930’s vintage “”bistro vibe””, with a lively bar, and open artisan kitchen. 

Italian and French cuisine lay foundation to the menu, with an emphasis on fresh
ingredients sourced from local farms and fishermen. In addition to the menu, blackboard specials highlight native seasonal flavors.

Midnight Punch and mojito 
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven past Plum Point Bistro while going between Newport and Narragansett. It was nice to finally get there–I had the short-rib dumplings, sole and eggplant special and a cappuccino for dessert. 
Short-Rib Dumpling
I probably stared at the dumplings for a few minutes trying to figure out how to eat them in the most polite way possible. Defeated, I just ate them as delicately as I could sans silverware. 
Sole wrapped in eggplant served in a yellow turnip sauce

The next time I go to Plum Point Bistro, I plan on getting the Point Judith fried calamari and one of the pasta dishes–maybe even a glass of Moet while I’m at it…

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