Valentine’s Day 2015 in Newport

The one upside to being snowed in is kicking into productivity hyperdrive. Since I’m the type of person who gets easily distracted by being out of the house, being forced to stay inside makes me focus on things I tend to put off…

I am contributing writer for The Newport Blast and I haven’t written anything for a while. 
That changed within the past 24 hours when I pumped out three Valentine’s Day-themed articles while I was also doing some marketing research for my full-time job. 
Valentine's Day gifts

I wrote one article on what some Newport restaurants plan on serving for Valentine’s Day dinner, then another one about local V-Day gifts to buy for the ladies. 
My favorite article is the one that’s not even explicitly about Newport. I feel like everyone needs to know that different color roses mean different things. There’s a huge difference between telling a woman she’s the love of your life or friend zoned for life…

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