Easter Brunch at A Voce

Sunday brunches are my favorite, so it’s safe to say that enjoying brunch on Easter Sunday is always something to look forward to. This year, my family and I went to A Voce at Columbus Circle in the city.

When Dad said that Dylan picked out an Italian restaurant, I was imagining a place like Becco, Lidia’s family style Italian restaurant we went to a few years ago–full plates of homemade pasta tossed in either a savory red or a rich cream sauce.  My mom was under this impression, too, so it was kind of a surprise when we figured out A Voce‘s Easter Brunch menu barely had any pasta on it. 
All things considered, I couldn’t be happier with the way the meal turned out:
creamy Pugliese mozzarella, fava beans, mint, nduja

Uova in camicia
poached eggs, spinach and kale purée, parmigiano fonduta, brioche
Chocolate Tiramisu
chocolate cream, chocolate shortbread, coffee gelato
After we left A Voce, we did one of the most tourist-y things–we went on a horse carriage ride through Central Park. We’ve been to the city so many times and we live a train ride away, so it’s unthinkable to consider ourselves as tourists. 
It was a nice day to be out, so why not enjoy part of it in a horse carriage?

Now, as you can imagine, there are people out there who are strongly opposed to horse carriages in New York City. Mayor DeBlasio is one of them–he’s been trying to get rid of the horse carriages on grounds of animal cruelty. 
If there was evidence of the horses being mistreated, then surely an operation that mistreats animals in any way, shape or form should be terminated. 
However, according to our driver–who was incredibly friendly and feel terrible that I can’t remember his name–the city council has not found tangible evidence of animal cruelty, which is why it’s taken so long for DeBlasio to achieve his end goal. In fact, there are over two hundred horses currently being kept in stables on 52nd Street by the Hudson River, an area that is looking to develop its real estate. 
Hudson stopping to get a drink

The next time I’ll be heading to the city will be for the Neue Galerie’s exhibit on Gustav Klimt later this month.

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