Bedroom Furniture | The Steamer Trunk

The steamer trunk was the first piece I bought for my new bedroom. 

I’ve always wanted one and moving from one apartment to another served as the perfect opportunity to find one.

The Steamer Trunk

  • Where: North Kingstown, RI
  • How: Craigslist
  • Cost: $60 (originally $75)
  • Makeover: polished wood and brass hardware

When I told my boss I was picking up something I had found on Craigslist, he asked if I was bringing someone with me. To be honest, I wasn’t planning on bringing anyone, so I told him I could “probably find a friend” to come along.

When my boss offered to go out of his way to go with me to make sure I wouldn’t be abducted, it only seemed right to bring along the best muscle possible—my cousin Rian, the six-foot Marine.

It was nice spending time with Rian, we hadn’t really hung out in years.

So thanks, Craigslist (and my boss), for inadvertently bringing family together.

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