How to Bring Inspiration to Life

Designers create mood boards for their collections, so it makes sense that people have created vision boards for the lives they want to live.

If you have ever watched The Secret or know about The Law of Attraction, vision boards play a major part in the process. Keep in mind that vision boards aren’t so much about the material things you want, but it’s about creating the whole feeling and person you want to be.

I have four small cork boards—three of them are filled with the things I have already done and seen, but would like to do again. My favorite corkboard so far is predominantly Parisian themed—I could be in Paris and eat macarons for the rest of my life…

But it’s no secret that getting back to Paris will require some hard work on my end to make it happen.
I will admit a small part of me thinks that this is weird. Maybe vision boards are for people who should just get over themselves, read a self-help book and find their feels at the bottom of a glass.
Even if that is true, I don’t really care what other people think, I already love reading and drinking, so why not add more inspiration?
… Also, I just realized that the title of this post was a bit misleading. Certainly, vision boards can help you visualize the life you want to live, but the thing that makes a simple difference between “the want” and “the get” is action.
Do things that will lead you closer to your goals. 
Surround yourself with people who are just as driven about their own goals. 
Become the person who you want to be. Be awesome. 


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