National Lipstick Day

I don’t actually wear lipstick that much—with the exception of a killer smokey eye, I try to keep a more natural look.

With that being said, it was fun to learn a few quick facts about the stick of color that has been used to seduce through centuries of civilization:

A University of Manchester study found that a woman wearing red lipstick capture’s a man’s gaze over three times longer than one who is wearing no lipstick at all. (you beauty)
999 by Christian Dior is supposedly the first shade ever worn on a Dior runway (The Cut)
Men continued to wear lip color for centuries – including George Washington – but the look came to an abrupt end during the French Revolution when wearing lipstick was seen as a sign that you sympathized with the oppressive aristocracy. (you beauty)
No. 19 by Yves Saint Laurent is the first shade created by the designer himself (The Cut)
The Lipstick Index follows trends in the economy—when a recession hits, lipstick sales increase, because women view it as a more affordable luxury during periods of financial stress. (Jezebel)
In Pennsylvania in the 1700s, a marriage could be annulled on the deceptive grounds that a man’s wife had used lipstick or other cosmetics during the couple’s courtship. (you beauty)
Pirate by Chanel is one of the six shades created to mimic Coco Chanel’s signature red lip (The Cut)
During dark and middle ages in Europe, lipsticks were often viewed as a fashion accessory of prostitutes and lower class women. The only time when it was used in high circles was during and shortly after the reign of English Queen Elizabeth I. (Lipstick History)
About 81% of American women wear lipstick, as compared to 70% of French women who tend to favor a more “au naturel” beauty look. (you beauty)

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