Global Fashion Capitals at the Museum at FIT

The current exhibit at The Museum at FIT showcases the fashion and style of cities with burgeoning creativity from all over the world.

The exhibit was beautifully curated to illustrate how designers bring their culture to their craft—diversification of the industry is paramount in the digital age when people can travel through social media, blogs and digital publications. 
Tokyo, Japan and Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium
London, England
New York City, New York
Paris, France
Of course, the four major fashion capitals had a strong presence in the exhibit, but it was more interesting to see how other cities outside of the West represented their countries. 
Mexico City, Mexico and Sao Paolo, Brazil
New Delhi, India and Mumbai, India
Johannesburg, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria 
Lagos, Nigeria
It’s evident that nations are seeking to position themselves as influencers in the global marketplace. A flourishing arts sector typically signifies stability in other aspects of a country. Investing in the arts, more specifically fashion, shows how countries have broken with the past to move forward and project a new image to the outside world. 
It could be argued that the countries who had suffered sociopolitical, economic strife had some of the most radical and experimental designs. Kiev and Moscow in particular.
Global Fashion Capitals is running through November 14, 2015. For more information and hours at The Museum at FIT, visit their website

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