The Scent of Autumn

Imagine if you could put the sights and sounds of fall in a perfume bottle.

This is what would go into it…

Crisp emerging the corners of slightly opened windows, in the steam of morning coffee
Warm embraces wrapped in soft, charcoal grey cashmere

Subdued and constant

Getting lost in the hallway trying to find your first class


Musk of used literature novels
Synthetic blend of new textbooks
Gold and auburn leaves sweeping across concrete, in twirls and pirouettes
A hint of smoke

Dark hues of bark and denim 

The pumpkin patch and haystacks
Kisses on the tiptoes of worn, chocolate brown leather boots
More crisp
Freshly peeled apples, sweet butter and cinnamon sugar
Summer heat losing its grasp to fading daylight 

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A Francophile based in coastal New England

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