Cadeaux du Monde’s 29th Annual UNICEF Campaign

Since its 29 years in business, Cadeaux du Monde has held a special fundraising campaign for UNICEF every October. 

 © UNICEF/NYHQ2014-1469/Bindra
Based in Newport, Rhode Island, the award-winning online gallery features a vast collection of international folk art that is also Fair Trade and environmentally conscious. Owner Katie Dyer is proud to say she has incorporated social responsibility in her business plan for Cadeaux du Monde since Day 1.
Although Dyer does still give to other charities, she decided to devote her business’s charity efforts towards UNICEF for professional and personal reasons. 
Before Dyer launched her business, she served in the Peace Corps in Central Africa where a large population of people were affected by polio. She taught children in a school, many of whom were polio victims.

“One of my students was a polio victim and works at the airport—he’s a meterologist at the airport—but if he hadn’t been smart and gone to school and had the support of his parents, he probably wouldn’t be able to do anything but beg, because he’s got a completely withered leg, so he can’t be a subsistence farmer or do other jobs.”

UNICEF also focuses on providing emergency relief, refugee support, clean water and education. Dyer points out that all of the initiatives are about increasing child survival in developing countries that do not have the same support as seen in Western countries.

By giving to a larger organization like UNICEF, it’s possible to make a real difference.
“They’ve got the infrastructure and can cope with the issues where there’s political instability, conflict issue or environmental disaster issue. They’ve got enough skill sets and broad enough support base that they can be there. And sometimes people don’t realize that.”
© UNICEF/NYHQ2013-0287/Matas

“I specifically decided to chose a bigger organization like UNICEF because I thought that if you give $5, $500, or $5,000 it has an impact and a direct impact.”

You can donate your pocketchange and still make an impact. Dyer has worked with many local businesses to have countertop collection boxes through the month. Keep in mind that anything helps and pocket change adds up—it just take pennies can help children get vaccinated.

“If the children can’t survive and can’t thrive, what else is there?”
To donate to this year’s fundraising campaign contact CADEAUX du MONDE at (401)935-8591 or email Learn more about Cadeaux du Monde’s work with UNICEF, read more here or on their website. 

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