Bassanova Ramen

In the middle of Chinatown—between the traditional Chinese restaurants, shops and market stands—lies a hidden treasure on Mott Street.

If you’re looking for something that’s beyond vegetable fried rice and General Tso’s, hit up Bassanova, a favorite ramen noodle bar in New York City recognized by The New York Times, Business Insider and Daily Candy.

Ramen noodle bars have been trending everywhere for the past few years. When I went to Paris last January, there was even a designated Ramen Week. 

My first ramen experience was at Boru Noodle Bar, Newport’s local ramen joint on Broadway, with their House bowl. I always crave the Spicy Miso on a cold and rainy day–or just about any day, really. Boru recently expanded to accommodate its cult following among locals.

It’s hard to even begin to compare Bassanova and Boru, but there’s no need to since they’re amazing in their own way—Bassanova’s SoCal, minimalist feel is completely different than Boru’s edgier, street inspired mood.

I feel like it’s the difference between Venice, California and Seattle, Washington. But that’s just me.

Also, considering my favorite dish at Boru is a bit heavier than the Lemon & Black Pepper Tondaku I had at Bassanova, it further proves their differences…

For date nights, I’d choose Bassanova. For the nights that are dark and stormy and lazy, I’d choose Boru.

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