True&Co: A Pretty Bra Shop That Fits Its Name

As someone who works at a locally run denim boutique, it’s hard to imagine buying anything without first knowing that the fit is perfect—so how would it be possible to buy bras online?

A few weeks ago, I went to Victoria’s Secret in the hopes of finding several new under-things and it reminded me why I avoid shopping at malls or big-box corporate stores—I couldn’t find my size anywhere for anything and the sales associates on the floor were either too busy (or too annoyed) to help.

To be fair, I was at the location off of Fifth Avenue after work, but even without the proper assistance,   my sizes weren’t even available at the time. I left empty-handed and went back home to the sliding straps and ill-fitting bands waiting for me in the top dresser drawer.

I remembered that I followed a cute online shop named True&Co on Instagram—there were always pretty floor-lays of their bras, underwear and loungewear on their account, so I decided to give them a try during their Annual Stock-Up Sale. After filling out my profile and taking a brief “fit” quiz, True&Co identified my fit and suggested the best styles.

My first True&Co purchase included a Simone Push-Up in Latte, a Gramercy Balconette in Scarlet and two Tribeca Demi lace bras.

Even though I needed new bras so badly, I was so hesitant about pressing “checkout.” What if they didn’t fit? A lot of companies, like True&Co, have an “easy return policy,” but the fact is that I would prefer avoiding the hassle of running back and forth to the post office.

Thankfully, nothing needed to be returned. If anything, I just want to buy another four bras and matching underwear. And all of the really cute loungewear. And everything else.

This a classic example of the phrase “trust in the process.” True&Co has done their homework—this Fashionista article breaks down the company’s data-driven process for bra sizing—and it’s clear that whatever they’re doing in their process is working.

I’ll be shopping with True&Co for many lazy Sunday afternoons to come…

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