Mira Sushi & Izakaya

After one of my job interviews, I met up with my brother Dylan at Mira Sushi for lunch. 

I did notice the 2015 Zagat-rated sticker on the front door, but I didn’t piece together how accomplished Mira Sushi until I did a bit more research. Chef Brian Tsao has been delighting the Flat Iron district at Mira Sushi since opening the restaurant in 2013—Thrillist and New York Magazine gave the restaurant excellent reviews, praising Tsao’s creativity and flavor in his dishes.
Dylan and I may kept our lunch order simple—he chose the chicken karaage and salad and I ordered the vegetable yaki ramen. After freezing outside walking in the wind, it was hard resisting the impressive sake, soju and cocktail menu… 
I can’t wait to come again for cocktails and sushi dinner. 

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