Tusk & Cup Opens New Location in Wilton

Don’t be surprised if the long line at Starbucks in Wilton begins to cut down—Ridgefield-based coffee shop Tusk & Cup has set up shop down the street!

Among many other advantages, Tusk & Cup is dedicated to providing amazing coffee and customer service. As someone who eats Starbucks’ spinach feta wraps way more than I’d like to admit, the freshly prepared egg white florentine wrap at Tusk & Cup supremely lords over its corporate counterpart. 
Not to mention sipping on the perfect mint mocha latte feels like an absolute luxury…
Every detail that makes Tusk & Cup special contributes to the shop’s overall fun, accessible and positive image. It could have been very easy for a coffee shop in Fairfield County to become unyieldingly pretentious, but Tusk & Cup continues to keep their cool. Above all, it embodies the spirit of community, something that’s highly valued among Wilton Warriors. 
I prefer Wilton’s layout over the one in Ridgefield. I’m not sure if they have the same square footage, but for whatever reason, it feels more comfortable.  
This may have to do with the fact that there is more seating that can be used for both the workaholics sitting with their arsenal of electronics and the lacrosse moms chatting about which impressive college their son or daughter will attend in the fall.
Honestly, I still go to Starbucks least once a day when I go to work—it’s typically faster and less expensive, especially if you regularly reap gold membership benefits—but it’s important to support your local businesses when you can.
When you support local business, you support your community. 
When you support your community, you help build a better and happier place to live.
Long story short, do what you can to make the world a better place to grow into something even more beautiful.
So basically just buy the delicious $5 latte handcrafted with Italian coffee beans and feel the amore.

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