Wilton Library Hosts "Judgment of Paris" Lecture, Wine Tasting

I love white wine… Aside from that fact, I don’t know much else about wine.

As a way to spark a more serious interest in wine, I signed up for the Wilton Library‘s event with author George Taber and his book, The Judgment of Paris. The premise centers on a 1976 wine tasting which sought to discern fine California wine from its French counterpart. 
The wine connoisseurs selected to participate in the legendary tasting were beyond qualified for the task—think chefs and sommeliers at Michelin star restaurants and editors of wine publications well-versed in chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and the rest. 
Taber—the only journalist present at the wine tasting since the outcome was assumed by all else—highlights Napa Valley’s pivotal turning point as a global player in the industry and how its precedent paves the way for other nations to make wine. 
The Judgement of Paris explores the game-changing event for the wine industry that not only validated the efforts of American winemakers in Napa Valley, but proved that a wine didn’t have to be French to be superior.
To say that Taber offered interesting insight on the 1976 wine tasting is an understatement. One attendee asked if France publicized the results of the event—Taber gave a resounding no, which was quickly followed by a good laugh. Meanwhile, the news appeared all over Napa Valley headlines and expats looked for the wines used in the tasting. Taber continued to give the audience fun tidbits on personalities involved and illustrate the full scope of the event’s impact on the wine industry today.
If you’re interested on listening to Taber’s take, check out this article on NPR.

I actually tried reading The Judgement of Paris over the winter, but I got caught up in my job search and reluctantly set it aside for another day. I couldn’t have asked for a more engaging event hosted by the library and the author himself to renew my interest in exploring wine (and picking up the book!).

And unless I am carried away with prosecco cocktails, I will never pass up an opportunity to get a signed copy of a good book.

Interested? Buy your copy here or at your local bookstore.

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