Celebrate the Holidays at Salve Regina University’s 40th Annual Governor’s Ball

With less than forty days away from the university’s annual winter ball, it’s time to get your tickets for the most beautiful holiday party in Newport, Rhode Island. 

The Governor’s Ball is a beautiful evening for Salve alumni, parents and friends of the university, but there’s more to the holiday cheer—tickets and sponsorships support scholarships to help students attend Salve. Providing students financial aid makes a difference so that they may attend Salve to learn, grow and flourish into becoming the best person they can be.
I am happy to be a lucky alumna of Salve Regina University—I graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in English Communications and a minor in Global Business. It was four years of playing hard and working harder in a New England paradise. 
Attending Salve, as well as working and living in Newport, introduced me to an amazing network of individuals who I am grateful to know as friends and colleagues. It’s hard to imagine what my life would look like today without the support and encouragement from my Newport family—whenever personal and professional challenges present themselves, I know who and where I can seek comfort and counsel from. 
I hope that Salve Regina University may continue to positively impact its students to help shape a more “just and merciful” life now and in the future.

I am proud to be a part of the 2016 Alumni/Parent Committee for the 40th Annual Governor’s Ball and look forward to seeing familiar faces at Ochre Court! If you didn’t receive an invitation, you can register online
There are special hotel deals available for those visiting out-of-town for Governor’s Ball—call the alumni office for more information on what those deals are or regarding any other questions you may have. 

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