Fall Footwear Shopping at Matt Bernson

The shoe fits at Tribeca-based footwear brand 

My first Matt Bernson purchase was late September at their Westport store during their end-of-summer sale. I needed a more durable, stylish pair of sandals, so I chose the black Athena leather sandal. It took one day at work to break-in the leather for a comfortable fit.
With this in mind, it only made sense to go back to Matt Bernson for fall/winter footwear.
I’ve been holding off fall shoe shopping for at least two years because I haven’t been able to find anything that looks different from the rest. Every fashion girl has the basic black Chelsea boots and the white Adidas sneakers, but I’ve been holding out for something else.
I need shoes that stretch to accommodate the top part of my feet, which have widened from running on the sales floor over the years. The black leather Baez boot has a matte, oil finish that lends its stretch. 
The white Phantom sneakers took a few nights to think over. How practical are white sneakers in New England weather? 
When it comes down to it, aesthetic practicality is irrelevant for these shoes. They are comfortable. Besides, the bold oxblood suede chevron adds a unique detail that stands out for the right reasons.
I bought the sneakers during their Black Friday sale, but the brand is holding a major 50% off sale on their website using the code “CYBER50″—check it out!

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