Find of the Week | 45

Surprisingly, there were no lumps of coal under the tree this Christmas

Santa brought some great gifts, but so did my friends and co-workers! I feel so lucky this holiday season to receive such generosity—I will definitely need to keep the positive karma alive in 2017 by giving back. I’ve already put these gifts to good use…
Lobster print slippers from Santa
Full disclosure—when I was unwrapping the gift and saw that the shipping label said “slippers,” I was ready to be thoroughly disappointed. I hate slippers and socks. Then I opened the box, saw the lobsters and fell in love completely. My family enjoyed watching the rollercoaster of my facial expressions.
iPhone tassel charger from Dylan
My brother read my Christmas list I posted. Now I just need a bag to put the tassel on…
Pom-pom cable knit hat from Claudia
We did Secret Santa at work earlier this month. I’ve worn the hat and necklace (below) like crazy.
Matt Bernson wallet from myself 🙂 
There was a sale. Whatever. 

The most beautiful ring ever from Ricky
This gift wins the award for “Biggest OMG Scream When Opening the Box.” Initially, buying each other rings was a running joke, which was then raised to a whole other level by Ricky’s generosity. 

Chanel surfboards mug from Kim
Since our work dinner party, I’m obsessed with this mug. The chicest beverage vessel. 

Anchor wrap bracelet from Cara
Cara found this from a Brooklyn jeweler at one of the Christmas markets in the city. 
Elephant charm choker from Claudia
fresh Sugar Rose lip balm from myself 
Can’t stop, won’t stop

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