New Year’s Resolutions 2017

I almost refrained from writing a resolutions-related post, because obviously resolutions like “Be more organized” or “Be more punctual” are ideal. 

But for 2017, I want to build upon last year’s general resolutions with one simple addition.

Find and express gratitude towards everyone.

In recent years, I have come to appreciate the incredible people who have become a part of my life—the assortment of individuals ranges from talented mentors and co-workers, friends from high school and friends from college.

And, of course, my brothers, my parents and relatives who have been there since Day 1.

It’s impossible to control every moment and every circumstance, but it is possible to control how we react and who we turn to. Life is too short to be surrounded by negativity, resentment and lies.

If friends are a gift that you give yourself, I feel like a French aristocrat who can live off of cake, macarons and champagne.

Choose to have good people in your life. It’s better that way.

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A Francophile based in coastal New England

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