Winner Winner

The ultimate comfort food joint in Newport

Just like its sister restaurant Mission—which is known for having the best burger on Aquidneck Island or, more arguably, the best burger anywhere—Winner Winner elevates your favorite comfort food favorites to a new level.
In the same spirit as Mission revolutionized the burger, Winner Winner serves up fried chicken that will make you rethink the average cooked bird. In addition to enjoying the fried chicken sandwich, it was well worth ordering biscuits and mac & cheese to-go for later.
As much as we all miss the farm-to-table Thames Street Kitchen, Newport was in need of another neighborhood spot like Winner Winner that was more accessible to anyone looking for good food without breaking the bank. I used to live around the corner from TSK—if I still lived in the apartment now, being in close proximity to Winner Winner would throw out any hope of maintaining a reasonable health regimen.
677 Thames Street
Newport, RI 02840

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