Meet FASHIONABLE, Fair Trade and Fashion-Forward


Meet the American, Fair Trade brand empowers women with style and grace

I want to support brands that engage in eco-friendly and Fair Trade practices—the problem is that most of products in this market fail to balance both style and ethical consciousness. European eco-fashion brands have been able to adapt to the needs of the Fair Trade Fashionista, but as an American, it’s a nightmare figuring out the proper sizing without trying on and the return process for international shipping (if it’s even possible) is a hassle that I don’t want to be bothered with for only a handful of items.

Buying designer consignment, along with shopping less altogether, have been the main solutions to my fashion woes.

But then there are wardrobe needs that require something new. Literally.

The search for a quality black leather handbag be simple if I didn’t care about the where the handbag was made or if I had a ridiculous amount of disposable income. Everlane makes a beautiful leather tote—Angelina Jolie has been photographed with her Petra tote at the airport on several occasions—but the price is still steep for what I would like to spend.


I found FASHIONABLE through Vineworks. I think I Googled “fair trade leather handbag” and it was on the first page of results, so whoever properly SEO’d the Vineworks deserves a high-five.

FASHIONABLE makes “beautiful products by women who have overcome.” The Nashville-based brand specializes in leather bags, but there’s a selection of small leather goods and scarves that perfectly complement the product line. I don’t know what’s more beautiful—the quality, handmade product or the mission that drives the brand.

If more brands embodied the mission and style of FASHIONABLE, the average fashionista would be more likely to support eco-fashion and the Fair Trade movement beyond the fashion industry.



(Meles Leather Handbag, FASHIONABLE)

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