7 Instagram Accounts to Follow | #Girlboss Networks


Anyone who pursues their passion as a side-hustle or full-time understands the rigor of entrepreneurship.

The journey pushes people to constantly innovate and always teeters between risk and reward. Most days, entrepreneurship empowers and gives a strong sense of fulfillment to keep hustling.

But putting in the time, energy and work everyday is not easy.

There are the days that push your mind and your body a little too hard and the rate of risk becomes a bonafide failure. You will (almost) want to surrender to the 9-to-5 life.

When it gets tough, entrepreneurs will always need their tribe first, their close group of friends and family to lean on, but it’s nice to have other places to draw strength from.

Thankfully, the digital landscape makes it possible to build strong, action-driven networks with members from all over the world. I’ve discovered the joys of finding creative networks in fashion, travel and digital media on Facebook and Instagram that inspire me to keep my side-hustle game strong.

You don’t need to work in fashion retail or digital marketing to feel inspired by these creative networks I’ve featured. And technically, most of these groups are not only for women—anyone who wants to be a part of an entrepreneurial network

The difficult days are discouraging, but the true, optimistic entrepreneurial spirit will always shine through.

Follow these for a daily dose of creativity and motivation to feed your hustle!



Led by the fearless Lisa Messenger, Collective Hub fosters a community of entrepreneurs looking to make an impact. Collective Hub started as a print magazine in 2013, but has since grown into a powerful multimedia brand focuses on digital content, smart collaborations and valuable product extensions of the CH brand.



If you’re a millennial looking for everything from job postings and interview tips to healthy skin tips and where to travel for girlfriend getaways, hit up The Everygirl.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.53.19 AM


PR Couture is a great resource for women looking to join or currently working in the fashion industry. As someone who works in fashion with a marketing background, understanding public relations, branding and networking is so important! I usually avoid signing up for email newsletters, but I look forward to PR Couture’s blasts.



I found FEMALE NARRATIVES through a special social media campaign with AG Jeans. Their business concept as a “female collective + creative agency” is refreshing and I love how their content is playful, edgy and urban.



It’s impossible to exclude Girlboss from a list of #Girlboss Networks. This is one of the more politically charged networks—their positions are made clear if you scroll through their articles—but their mission delivers an empowering message for women to live by everyday. Since its founds in 2014, The Girlboss Foundation has awarded over $120,000 is financial grants to women in fine and performing arts.



Create + Cultivate encourages women to make their dream careers come true (literally, create and cultivate). The network holds several incredible events throughout the year dedicated to educating women about how to bring their business to the next level. I missed out on the NYC conference, but you can always check out their upcoming events on their website.



I’ve already declared my love for The Rising Tide Society after tips and takeaways from the RISE Summit, but everyone needs to know that it’s possible to have a digital network like RTS that promotes “community over competition.”


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