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I have a habit of hoarding blog post links and never sharing them. Until now.

I always try to find out what’s happening in the social media landscape and lifestyle/travel blogosphere by reading a lot of articles. Most of the links I used to save were entrepreneurial inspirations, but since I’ve joined several different blogger networks on Facebook, my saved links are more personal by including posts written by independent bloggers.

I’ll be sharing a themed batch of links every week. It will rotate between any subject that falls under social media, travel or anything Francophile—depends on what I find during the week or what’s happening in the world.

How to Choose the Best Luggage for Travel Abroad: Smart Buying Guide by Travel Fashion Girl

If you need to weigh the pros and cons of different luggage types, this blog has it covered. I didn’t purchase any of the examples, but the useful content helped me make an informed decision to find a four-wheel hard case luggage set.

Best Travel Apps You Gotta Have (It’s Free!) by Runway Marina

It’s always cool to see what apps other bloggers use for travel! These suggestions are great for someone learning to build an itinerary on their smartphone.


International Packing List for Traveling Abroad by Krista Aoki

This is a great comprehensive packing list for first-time international travelers heading to Europe. I would also advise bringing a clutch that has a USB charger and battery—it relieves a lot of headaches to have enough charge to order your Uber after a long night out. I also like having light snacks like KIND Bars for some energy after running around the terminal to find your gate.


9 Trips to Take With Your Significant Other to See If They’re ‘the One’ by Travel + Leisure

Traveling is a great way to take your relationship to the next level, because you need to trust and rely on each other, especially in an unfamiliar place. Some of the suggested trips are a bit of a stretch for the average couple—T+L readership is not for Millennials buried in student loans with a moderate income—but I definitely agree with the article’s concept.

Why Your Flight Attire Matters by Conde Nast Traveler

CN Traveler Editor Pilar Guzman bemoans the plight of the casual traveler. *insert resigned sigh here* There’s no reason for people to be uncomfortable during a long flight—the problem arises when people don’t look presentable. It’s true that design improvements in the athleisure category have made yoga pants and the like slightly more appropriate to wear outside of the gym, but I stand with Guzman in believing that international travel is still a privilege that should be respected.



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